Can you change your skin in raft?

As this discussion is veering dangerously close to a topic forbidden by Steam’s Discussions Rules and Guidelines, I’m locking it down. But to answer the OP’s question, no there is currently no character customization in game. You get to pick from 2 character models, Maya (tanned female) and Rouhi (tanned male).

How do I change my raft avatar?

Player can change to from the original Maya by clicking on “Characters” then clicking on “Rouhi” through the main screen menu.

Can you customize your character in raft?

You have a choice of playing as Maya (female) or Rouhi (male). That’s it. You can find some hats and gear that show on your character while playing though.

Is there a mod for raft?

Raft has no Steam Workshop, so how do you install mods for Raft? You’d need to install the RaftModding ModLoader and download the mods directly from the RaftModding website.

Can you be a girl in raft?

Explorer of the Raft world! The main character of Raft is a Player. Player can choose between the female, Maya, and the male, Rouhi.

Is Maya a girl in raft?

Maya is the female character in Raft.

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How much health does a player have in raft?

At all times, the player regenerates 0.25 health per second. As such, it takes 356 seconds, or slightly under 7 minutes, to reach maximum health from 1 health.


Type Damage
Well-being 0.25 damage/second

What is the story of raft?

Raft takes place in a world that has been covered in water due to rising sea levels. The player lives a lonely life building up their own raft while trying to sail to civilization. Along the way, they encounter sinking, abandoned rafts and deserted islands (presumably the tops of ancient mountains covered in water).

Is Raft Modloader safe?

RMLLauncher is injecting code (mods) in a running process (the game), and this is a very suspicious action. As a mod launcher we need to do this, but it’s not a “normal behavior” for a software. Then your antivirus is flagging it as a Trojan or a malware that try to hide himself in others applications.

How many islands are in the Raft?

When sailing the world of Raft, there’s a high chance of one of the 10 small islands spaning into the game. Since the islands are hand-crafted by the developers, they are always visually exactly the same each time they are visited.

How do you increase stack size in Raft?

If you have version 1.2 or above installed you can use the stacksize command to choose the stacksize yourself, simply open the console with F10 then type one of the commands. “stacksize – all” restores all default values.