Can you surf in Beaufort SC?

Beaufort surfing conditions typically offer 4-6 –foot waves, making it a great location for both established surfers and newcomers. Beaufort may not have waves with the same power and height as those you’d find in Hawaii and California, but the area’s calmer waters offer a tranquil, Zen-like vibe.

Is there any good surfing in South Carolina?

Totally! Of all the great beaches in SC, none is better for surfing than Folly Beach, a natural barrier island just eight miles from Charleston. It lays claim to some of the biggest and most bodacious swells on the East Coast.

Does Beaufort SC have a beach?

Hunting Island Beach is by far the most well-known and popular beach in Beaufort, South Carolina. Located inside the Hunting Island State Park, this beach boasts five miles of sandy, oasis-like shoreline.

Can you surf on Fripp Island SC?

About Fripp Island

Just south of Hunting Island, Fripp breaks pretty much the same — beachbreak surf on a variety of swells. Perhaps the best spot here is in front of the main clubhouse.

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Can you surf on South Carolina beaches?

The Myrtle Beach area is known not only for its lush, green golf courses, but also its sunny Atlantic Ocean coastline, serving up waves for perfect surfing days.

Where do people surf in South Carolina?

The Top 5 Surf Spots in South Carolina

  • #1) The Washout – Folly Beach, SC.
  • #2) The Folly Beach Pier – Charleston, SC.
  • #3) Pawleys Island- Georgetown County, SC.
  • #4) Cherry Grove Pier- North Myrtle Beach, SC.
  • #5) Bulls Island – SC.

Can you surf in Hilton Head South Carolina?

With 12 miles of breathtaking South Carolina coastline, Hilton Head Island is blessed with pristine sand beaches and the blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Relax on the wide sands, soak up the sun, walk the flat sand banks or swim, surf, ski, board and sail in the Atlantic surf.

How far is Beaufort SC to the ocean?

Beaufort lies about 45 miles by road outside Hilton Head Island, a renowned vacation destination. Residents easily reach beaches there, and in other coastal communities in South Carolina and Georgia.

What water is Beaufort SC on?

The Broad River/Beaufort River/Port Royal Sound Basin (hydrologic unit 03050208) is located in Allendale, Hampton, Jasper, and Beaufort Counties, and encompasses 6 watersheds and 935 square miles. The Broad River/Beaufort River/Port Royal Sound Basin flows through the Coastal Zone region.

What is Beaufort South Carolina known for?

It is an historical city, founded in 1711. It has maintained its antebellum architecture and small town atmosphere. Many famous movies have been filmed here including Forrest Gump, The Prince of Tides and The Big Chill.

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Can you surf at Hunting Island?

Hunting Island Surf Guide

Hunting Island in South Carolina is an exposed beach break that has pretty consitent surf and can work at any time of the year. Offshore winds blow from the west. Waves just as likely from local windswells as from distant groundswells and the optimum swell angle is from the east.

How do you get on Fripp Island?

2How do we get to Fripp Island? From I-95 Going South: Take Exit 33 (Point South). Follow signs for Beaufort and US Highway 21. Stay on Highway 21 to the Fripp Island Bridge.

Where is Fripp?

Fripp Island is located near the southern tip of South Carolina, midway between Charleston and Savannah, Georgia. Fripp Island Beach Resort is conveniently located just 45 miles from I-95 and 18 miles from Beaufort, South Carolina. We are at the end of US Highway 21.

Can you surf in Charleston SC?

While Florida and the Outer Banks of North Carolina may be more wave-rich destinations, Charleston can get some good swells from time to time. Folly Beach, specifically, has a varied coastline with jetties making it a great spot for novice and more advanced surfers to find spots that meets their needs.

Does Myrtle Beach have surfing?

Depending on the wind, tide and wave action, Myrtle Beach offers excellent surf conditions, a safe, sandy bottom, and lots of locations to hang 10. There’s something about standing atop a board and riding on the water that hooks new surfers.

Can you surf Folly Beach?

Can You Surf at Folly Beach? Yes! Folly Beach is one of the top places on the Charleston Coast to go surfing. There are a variety of good surf spots along the beach that we will explain below.

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