Can you surf in Curacao?

The north coastline of Curaçao is only suitable for experienced surfers, because the sea is very rough there. The waves in Curaçao are not as high as the waves in Hawaii, but they are good enough. The waves are at least 30 cm. Curaçao is the ideal surfing spot for longboarders.

Which Caribbean island has the best surfing?

St. Maarten has some of the best surfing in the Caribbean for new surfers, too. Plumb Bay is great for beginners, and Galion Beach has different surf breaks for beginners and experts alike.

Is there any surf in the Caribbean?

Consistent swells, offshore winds and reefs have made the Caribbean one of the world’s most popular surfing destinations. There is huge variety to the surfing in the Caribbean. Over 2,000 islands conspire to create something for every type of surfer no matter the style or level of skill.

Can you surf in Aruba?

Thanks to a strong and steady wind, the island is known as one of the best wind and kite-surf destinations in the Caribbean. Several of Aruba’s beaches offer excellent activities on the water, for both beginner and more experienced surfers.

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Is there good surfing in the Bahamas?

Despite the fact that the Bahamas is not famous for being a surf destination the country has excellent waves. The Abacos, the Rum Cay and the Eleuthera island receive consistent swells that produce high quality waves that would blow any surfers’ mind.

Can you surf at St Lucia?

St lucia does have some good surfing spots but it really depends on if there are swells or not. You can get constant surf on the isolated east coast beaches so if you’re not renting a car thats hard to get to, but great surfing out there. One place that may be good is behind pigeon island.

Can I surf in Antigua?

Tucked into a northeastern corner of the Caribbean island chain, Antigua is beautiful, historic, scenic and remarkably well positioned for surfing, and particularly kitesurfing.

Can you surf in Jamaica?

Surf Conditions in Jamaica

The best surfing in Jamaica is between December and March, and July through September. Trade winds provide year-round surfing conditions, and Jamaica’s ideal location benefits from the summer and winter wave swells that grace the Caribbean.

Can you surf on St Croix?

With many of the Caribbean islands, the south side is good for surf in the summer and the north side is good in the winter. Saint Croix has wind all the time and it gets wind swell so unlike NW Puerto Rico you might be able to find some waves in the middle of summer.

Is Barbados good for surfing?

The Surf in Barbados is usually good for 8 months of the year (November – June). The south coast has long peeling lefts that make your legs burn after a while. The trade winds blow out of the ENE which makes the swells clean and the Surf is super fun.

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Does Iran have surf?

The main surf spots in Iran are located in the province of Balochistan which is the only part of the country that has good exposure to the Indian Ocean. This region and the Makran coast offer endless opportunities to discover new waves in the bays and on the headlands of this desertic coastline.

Why does Aruba have no waves?

A bit about the the island’s conditions – Generally speaking Aruba is a very windy island due to our easterly tradewinds. Our local surfers rely on the wind in the months of march through august.In this time of year our waves are created by wind. We have numerous surf spots on the east side of the island.

Does Aruba have big waves?

The answer is yes! The waves in Aruba are created by the wind. In late fall and wintertime, the waves in Aruba are the biggest, perfect for surfing!

Is there surf in Eleuthera?

Eleuthera enjoys some of the most powerful and reliable surf in all of the Bahamas surf spots due to its boomerang shape (which maximizes the swell window at nearly 180 degrees) and its location right along the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the east.

Can you surf at Paradise Island?

Paradise Island Surf Guide

Paradise Island in Eleuthera – Bahamas is an exposed reef break that has fairly consistent surf. Winter is the best time of year for surfing here. The best wind direction is from the south southeast with some shelter here from east winds.

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Is there surfing in Nassau?

Re: Any surfing in Nassau? There is casual surfing off the reef ridgeline in western New Providence, but I do not know of anyone who offers this as an excursion for visitors. But, as Chicago says, your best bet is to head to Eleuthera.