Does Mandurah have good surf?

Whether you’re after a family-friendly day by the seaside, a stroll along the shore spotting shells and marine creatures or an epic surf spot, Mandurah has it all.

Can you surf in Mandurah?

For surf on Mandurah’s Peel Coast, check out The Pyramids, Tim’s Thicket, Avalon Point and Falcon Bay. Between the vibrant coastal city of Mandurah and the pristine islands are reefs of Rockingham’s Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.

Does Perth get good surf?

Western Australia is known globally for its amazing surf, with most of the good stuff found in the Margaret River region, where huge swells break on renowned reefs dotting the coastline.

What beach has the biggest waves in Perth?


Mahomet’s is patrolled in Summer. 1.5 hours north of Perth CBD, ​this break will handle all but the biggest swells! Beginner surfers will find fun long white water rides on the shifting sandbars that form along the beach.

Where is the right surf break in Western Australia?

Situated about 40km off the WA coast near Walpole, the wave relies on a booming storm swell from the Indian Ocean, a low tide, a swell of more than 5m and a strong northwest wind.

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Can you swim in Mandurah canals?

Mandurah is renowned for its magnificent waterways that are ideal for crabbing, boating, dolphin watching and kayaking. Its white sandy beaches offer great access for paddling, surfing, swimming and other water based activities.

Can you swim in Mandurah Estuary?

“It is well known that water quality can be compromised after heavy rainfall events due to contamination from stormwater run-offs therefore the Department of Health recommends that swimming should be avoided after heavy rainfall for up to three days in fresh and estuary waters and for a day in ocean waters,” a report …

Are there sharks in Perth?

Beachgoers in Perth’s north have spotted a tiger shark at a popular dog beach in Whitfords several days in a row, with the predator coming just metres from the shore. Locals believe it’s the same shark circling each day, but Mr Meinema said there was no evidence to prove that.

Where is the Mandurah Wedge?

Mandurah Wedge, Perth, Western Australia

A rare, but sometimes spectacular righthand wedge with the odd left, “The Medge” is located behind the southern groyne of the Dawesville Channel.

Where are the biggest waves in Perth?

The most epic action was in the Margaret River region south of Perth. Huge waves were seen in the area, with one group of surfers claiming to have caught the biggest ever wave witnessed in Australia at Cow Bombie, off Gracetown.

Can you surf at Preston Beach?

Preston Beach in South Devon is an exposed beach break that only works once in a while. Winter is the best time of year for surfing here. Offshore winds are from the west northwest. The location means that groundswells are unknown and the optimum wave angle is from the east.

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Is surfing in Western Australia safe?

If you spend a lot of time in the water, you have to admit that surfing has become really, really dangerous in the shark-infested waters you now have in WA. “If you surf, you have to be prepared for the possibility you’ll be attacked. There’s quite a good chance of that happening.

Can you surf at Rottnest Island?

Rottnest Island has some of the best surfing conditions and most consistent breaks in Western Australia. Popular surf spots include: The Rotto Box. Riceys Beach.

Is surfing big in Australia?

Australia is one of the greatest surfing nations and the largest surf country in the Southern Hemisphere. The giant island gets swells from all directions, and it is no wonder that the sport of surfing has ancient roots Down Under.

Where is the right surf spot in Australia?

The Box is a fast right-hand reef break located 200 meters off the coast in Margaret River, Western Australia. Margaret River is a surf town with more than 40 quality breaks in the region. Despite its shark-infested waters, there is always a beautiful wave peeling down the line nearby.

Where is terror vault surf spot?

A kilometer off the coast of southwestern Australia lies The Right. And judging from this video, it’s one of the nastiest big waves a surfer can (try to) ride. In “Terror Vault,” filmmaker Tim Bonython captures the immense power of a huge swell meeting a shallow reef.