Frequent question: Is there surf in robe?

The conditions around Robe are suitable for surfers of all levels, even beginners, although you must take care to avoid the windsurfers who frequent the area. The water around Robe can also be a little colder in contrast to the other surfing regions of Adelaide.

Where do you surf in Robe?

Long Beach in Robe is a safe family beach with gentle surf and is quite unique as its one of the few beaches where you are able to drive your car onto the sand. A unique part of Robe’s Heritage. A great spot for swimming and surfing.

What is the name of beach in Robe?


Tell me more: A popular destination for the tourists and holiday makers in Robe is Long Beach.

What beach can you drive on in Robe?

Limestone Coast

The beach is perfect for families and can be accessed by all vehicles – just stick to the firm sand at low tide and drive carefully. Just south of Robe is the Little Dip Conservation Park. It is home to some great coastal drives, perfect for the summer months.

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Where are the biggest waves in Adelaide?

Take on board these tips from local surfer and photographer Che Chorley about some of the best spots to catch a break:

  1. Christies Beach. Location: Esplanade and Beach Road, Christies Beach. …
  2. Trig Point. Location: Esplanade and Fremantle Road, Port Noarlunga South. …
  3. Gull Rock. …
  4. Knights. …
  5. Parsons Beach. …
  6. Waitpinga Beach.

Is it safe to surf in South Australia?

The waters of the Southern Ocean are cold, so bring a full-length wetsuit and keep your eyes peeled for hidden rocks and sharks. Four of the best-known spots are Fowlers Bay, Cactus Beach, Venus Bay and Blackfellows Beach near Elliston. … Venus Bay is an exposed reef break that can be surfed in all conditions.

Where is glass beach robe?

Where is Glass Beach in Robe South Australia? If you are standing on the cliffs near the Robe Lighthouse overlooking Factory Bay, Glass Beach will be to your right. To access this little cove you will need to find the sandy road near the intersection of Joy Terrace and Adam Lindsay Gordon Drive.

How did Stinky Bay get its name?

‘The brand is named after the bay at L’Etacq known as Stinky Bay because a lot of seaweed washes up there.

Can you swim at Port MacDonnell?

Great Free Swimming Spot – Little Blue Lake, Port MacDonnell Traveller Reviews – Tripadvisor.

Can I camp on the beach at Robe?

This means that camping on any Council land, including beaches is prohibited and expiations will be used to offenders.

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Can you drive on Christies beach?

Cars can only access the beach if drivers show a current beach permit or pay the vehicle access fee of $8. Ramps are attended on most weekends, public holidays or when the temperature at Noarlunga is forecast to be above 25°C.

Can you camp on Goolwa beach?

Camping – Yes, at Murray River mouth. Permits – None needed. Fishing – Popular along beach and at river mouth.

Do people surf in Adelaide?

Where to ride a wave if you’re still finding your feet. Adelaide isn’t renowned for its world-class waves. But we are blessed with some great stretches of coastline that offer consistent peaks, laid-back beach breaks and points, and grinding reef breaks for beginners and experts alike.

Does Adelaide have beaches?

Here are our top 5 beaches in Adelaide.

  • Glenelg. Moseley Beach Club, Glenelg. Family-friendly Glenelg is our most popular metropolitan beach. …
  • Brighton. Brighton, Adelaide. …
  • Henley. Seasalt, Henley Beach. …
  • Semaphore. Semaphore, Adelaide. …
  • Port Noarlunga, Christies Beach and Moana. Port Noarlunga, Fleurieu Peninsula.