Is Mares scuba gear good?

4) Mares. Mares makes very good wetsuit and semi waterproof, their masks and fins are also excellent. Almost all divers know the fins Avanti Quattro, both powerful and lightweight at the same time. Scubapro and Aqualung are probably the three biggest manufacturers on our list.

Is Mares a good brand?

Mares is one of the biggest scuba equipment manufacturers in the world, and it’s not hard to see why! While they have a reputation for high quality equipment ranging from BCDs to regulators to dry bags, they are most famously known for their masks and fins.

Are Mares BCDs good?

The integrated weight system was rated very good by test divers, thanks to the big pinch-to-release buckles that make loading and ditching a cinch. For a travel-friendly design with impressive performance and a below-average price, the Mares Magellan was our Best Buy for travel BCs.

Where is Mares dive gear made?

Mares is a manufacturer of scuba equipment. Founded in 1949 by Ludovico Mares in Rapallo, Italy, the company initially made diving masks and spearguns.

Mares (scuba equipment)

Industry Diving equipment manufacturer

Where are Mares wetsuits made?

Although Mares is an Italian brand, the suit itself is, in common with many other makes, manufactured in Cambodia.

Where is Aqualung manufactured?

Aqua Lung America (formerly U.S. Divers Company) is an American company based in Vista, California which makes scuba equipment. The company is a division of Aqua Lung International, which was, for most of its existence, a division of Air Liquide.

Aqua Lung America.

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Type Subsidiary

Is Oceanic dive gear good?

Divers around the world love Oceanic for its stylish, durable, and reliable kit that delivers on performance. The company believes its gear should be accessible to every diver, everywhere, so each product ranges features something for all budgets and diver levels.

Is a rebreather real?

Rebreathers are used in many environments: Underwater, diving rebreathers are a type of self-contained underwater breathing apparatus which have applications for primary and emergency gas supply.

Is Scuba Pro a good brand?

ScubaPro instantly recognizable as the one of the largest and most trusted brands in the industry. ScubaPro is the successor to one of the five original dive companies in the United States.

Who bought Dacor scuba?

Dacor was one of the five original United States diving gear makers: U.S. Divers: renamed as Aqua Lung America, which see. Healthways, now part of Johnson Outdoors.