Quick Answer: Do divers ever hit their head on the platform?

Greg Louganis hits his head on the diving board in the 3-meter competition during the 1988 Olympic games in Seoul, South Korea. Louganis still won the gold medal.

Has an Olympic diver hit their head?

American Greg Louganis braving a head injury to win the 3m Springboard diving gold at Seoul 1988 is one of the everlasting Olympics images. Louganis’ head struck the springboard during the preliminary rounds. He was back in the pool soon after receiving five stitches to head.

Do divers get concussions?

Although diving is not traditionally thought of as a contact sport, the impact with the water upon entry is enough to cause a concussion. Due to the large number of impacts performed during a practice it is possible that there is a high prevalence of concussions in diving.

Is platform diving hard on your body?

Competitive divers face a high risk of injuring their shoulders, back, elbows, wrists and other body parts, according to a report by a Loyola Medicine sports medicine physician.

Where is Mark Spitz now?

Spitz lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two sons, Matt and Justin. A veteran sailor, Spitz has often participated in the Trans Pacific Yacht Race from Los Angeles to Honolulu. He swims with the masters team at UCLA.

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What is the most difficult dive in the Olympics?

There is no limit to the degree of difficulty of dives; the most difficult dives calculated in the FINA rulebook (reverse 4 1⁄2 somersault in pike position and armstand reverse 4 somersault in pike position) are 4.8, but competitors could attempt more difficult dives. Scoring is done by a panel of seven judges.

Why do divers tape their backs?

Why they tape their bodies

That’s another reason some divers wear tape on their knees, back or shoulders. It’s similar to the tape worn by beach volleyball players, tennis players and other athletes. “Basically it just provides a little extra support and can relieve pain in muscles, joints and ligaments,” Brehmer says.

Why do divers tape their feet?

This tape, known as ‘k tape’ or kinesiology therapeutic tape, is a special kind of tape used to relieve pain in joints, ligaments and muscles – with divers donning it on areas which can hit the water during dives at high velocity to lessen the chance of swelling and help maintain mobility.

Why do divers tape their ankles?

The tape you may have seen divers – and other athletes – wearing at the Olympics is not regular tape. It is a type of tape known as Kinesio, which is flexible and helps athletes deal with pain. The tape helps fluid move through the body more easily, which reduces swelling and alleviates both muscle and joint pain.

Why do divers ice their triceps?

Athletes often use ice packs to help sore muscles recover, as the cold reduces inflammation and lowers the risk of muscle soreness and injury. Tricep injuries are common among divers, as the muscle group can be affected by the impact of the water as the diver enters a pool.

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What is the most common injury in diving?

The most common injury in divers is ear barotrauma (Box 3-03). On descent, failure to equalize pressure changes within the middle ear space creates a pressure gradient across the eardrum.

Do Olympic divers keep eyes open?

The synchro athletes rely heavily on timing and spotting underwater, and they have to keep their eyes open for long periods, with no goggles. They like to see the bottom of the pool so they don’t bang their heads on it or each other. But never fear. Organizers expect the pool to return to blue at any moment.

Is Michael Spitz married?

Michael Phelps

We don’t think it surprises anyone to find that Michael Phelps is the world’s richest professional swimmer. His career was epic! 28 Olympic medals, 23 of them gold.

Does Michael Phelps still have his medals?

He is the most successful and most decorated Olympian of all time with a total of 28 medals. Phelps also holds the all-time records for Olympic gold medals (23), Olympic gold medals in individual events (13), and Olympic medals in individual events (16).

Michael Phelps.

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