You asked: Who is the owner of Catch Surf?

Surf Stitch interviews Catch Surf founder George Arzente to get some insight behind our latest collection and also the brand ethos.

How much does Jamie O’Brien make from Catch Surf?

One of Jamie O’Brien’s signature Beater Board models from Catch Surf.

Jamie O’Brien (surfer)

Jamie O’Brien
Personal information
Career earnings $122,400

Where is Catch Surf from?

Catch Surf Softops were born from the surf culture of Southern-California. Catch Surf Surfboards are all about having as much fun as possible on your beach day.

How did Catch Surf start?

Catch Surf was founded in San Clemente, California in 2007 by a chap called George Arzente. At the time he was a real estate developer, and had decided to take a one year sabbatical, so he could surf and chill in California.

Where are Catch Surf boards made?

Brands like Wavestorm and Catch Surf, among others, are produced in Agit Global’s 75,000 square-foot Taiwan factory. And as opposed to China or South Korea, Zilinskas says, “we’re very proud to be manufacturing in Taiwan. A lot of high-end sporting goods equipment is made there.

Where is Ben gravy surfer from?

That includes pro surfer Ben Gravy. Gravy, from Florida, was up on the North Shore with his board Wednesday, and managed to catch a 15-foot wave on Lake Superior.

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Who shapes Jamie O’Brien boards?

Even for Jamie O’Brien, it can be hard to get waves. That’s why he grabbed a big board, a 7’6″ shaped by none other than Mr. Pipeline himself, Gerry Lopez. “Going to be hard to get waves today,” Jamie said, right before he got more amazing waves at Pipeline in one session than most will get in a lifetime.

Are Odysea boards good?

Odysea STUMP

The board still has great float, can easily get into waves, can hold a line and turn on rail. As such it suits a wide variety of waves and conditions including pitching tubes, dumpy waves, shore breaks and sloppy average conditions up to around 4 foot.

When was catch surf made?

Founded in 2007, Catch Surf® pioneered a new meaning of fun within the surf and action sports industry.

Are catch surf boards foam?

Catch Surf Beater Pro 54″ (4’6″)

Ride this foam surfboard in just about any way you want. Keep the two fins and cut it back like a traditional shortboard or send down the line like a fish. Take the fins off and glide and spin it across the face of the wave or skim it. You can even bodyboard with this thing!

How old is Jamie Obrien?

What is this? The 54 Special boards are just one category of Odysea surfboards offered by Catch Surf. Odysea includes different soft top boards that are built for riders of all skill levels. A common misconception about soft top surfboards is that they are only for beginners.

Where are Wavestorms made?

The Wavestorm is sold at Costco. It’s produced in Taiwan and shipped in bulk, with its custom aspects limited to white stripes on a blue deck, or the other way around. Rubber fins, stock leash, pre-installed traction. Easy on the wallet and hard to ding, the board has become the centerpiece of suburban quivers.

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