Your question: Where can I snorkel in St Petersburg FL?

Is St Petersburg good for snorkeling?

Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities around St Pete beach and with good reason. Florida’s beautiful clear waters and wealth of amazing wildlife make it an experience never to be forgotten.

Where can I snorkel in Pinellas County?

Check Out These Amazing Snorkeling Spots By St Pete Beach

  • Shell Key Preserve. Firstly, dependable snorkeling equipment costs under $30, so there’s no excuse not to swim with the majestic fish of the sea. …
  • Egmont Key State Park. …
  • Fort De Soto Park.

Are there sharks in St Petersburg Florida?

Tampa, St. Petersburg and St Pete Beach are collectively known as the Tampa Bay Area and are home to an abundant population of many shark species in and around Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Can you snorkel at Shell Key?

Shell Key Shuttle also provides free snorkels. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or have never tried snorkeling before, this is a great place to try it. There are calm waters and plenty of safe places to swim as well as fantastic wildlife.

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Where can I snorkel at Fort De Soto?

Fort De Soto Park

We also frequently spot dolphins, starfish, crabs, and even schools of mullet. North Beach is the most popular area to snorkel, but you can start exploring just about anywhere.

Can you walk to Shell Key?

Where: Shell Key is an uninhabited barrier island that is located between Fort Desoto Park and Pass-A-Grille. The only way to get to Shell Key is by boat.

Is Clearwater Beach a good place to snorkel?

The shallow waters of Clearwater, Florida, make the area a family-oriented snorkeling destination. … Besides the city beaches, several state parks make fun spots for snorkeling. At least one of the state park beaches is accessible via a short drive on the Dunedin Causeway; the others are a quick boat ride away.

Is Tampa good for snorkeling?

Along the west coast of Florida, Tampa and Sarasota (about 60 miles apart) offer some great snorkeling spots with sea creatures and sunken ruins.

How do you get to Egmont State Park?

Getting to Egmont Key

Take the Egmont Key Ferry from the Bay Pier inside Fort De Soto Park to the island. Plan on starting your wildlife viewing from the boat—dolphin sightings are common. It’s best to book in advance. See the roundtrip schedule and make a reservation here.

Are there alligators in St Petersburg Florida?

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — A badly decomposed body was discovered Thursday after two people having breakfast noticed alligators dragging it through the mangroves at a St. Petersburg lake. The couple spotted the body surrounded by about 10 alligators on the southeast corner of Lake Maggiore, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

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How many shark attacks have there been in St Petersburg Florida?

Shark attacks are so rare in the Bay area that according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife International Shark Attack File, there has only been 12 reported unprovoked attacks in Pinellas County since 1882.

Has there been any shark attacks at St Pete Beach?

The first recorded fatal attack in Pinellas County is believed to have taken place 87 years ago. Dorothy McClatchie, 18, was bitten in the thigh while swimming a mile off St. Petersburg. A “monster fish” twice bit her in the leg, according to news accounts, and she bled to death.

Where is Shell Island in Florida?

Shell Island is a natural, undeveloped island which lies between the Gulf of Mexico and St. Andrews Bay in Bay County, Panama City Beach, Florida. The beautiful Shell Island Sand Dunes are about seven miles long and anywhere from a few hundred yards to a mile wide.

Where are sand dollars in St Petersburg?

The waters on the preserve are crystal clear, taking on different hues of blue and turquoise depending on the ecosystems below the surface. The vast span of the undeveloped island’s beaches has lovely lightly colored sand, where you can find fully formed shells and sand dollars.

How do I find my Shell Key in Florida?

Access to Shell Key is limited to water vessels, including private boats or public shuttles such as the Shell Key Shuttle. Remember this is an undeveloped barrier island and there are no facilities on it.