Best answer: How does backstroke describe the whole movement?

In the backstroke, the arms perform alternating and opposite movements. One arm pulls backward in the water, from an extended forward position to outside the shoulder and then to the hip, performing an S-shaped movement and providing propulsion.

What is the main purpose of backstroke?

Backstroke As a Safety Stroke

Its main purpose is to allow you to catch your breath and lower your heart rate at any moment during an open-water swim. Occasionally using a stroke other than freestyle can make your race experience more enjoyable and relaxed.

How do you do a backstroke arm movement?

Your arm will start to bend so that the palm and forearm are facing towards your feet. When the elbow gets to a 90 degree bend, push the water towards your hip. As your right arm nears your hip, it will extend and your palm will turn in towards your hip to finish the arm pull.

What do you call kicks with backstroke?

The backstroke kick is a flutter kick. Its technique is similar to the kick used in the front crawl stroke, the difference being that you are swimming on the back.

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What are the 3 phases of the backstroke?

In backstroke, the arm stroke movements can be divided into the following phases: Entry and extension forward. First downsweep. Catch.

What is the leg motion of backstroke?

The leg movement in backstroke is similar to the flutter kick in front crawl. The kick makes a large contribution to the forward speed, while significantly stabilizing the body. The leg stroke alternates, with one leg sinking down straight to about 30 degrees.

Which rule refers to stroke and body position of the backstroke?

Rule 4 – Strokes & Turns

Backstroke 1. The backstroke start shall be used. 2. The body shall remain on the back to the degree the shoulders do not turn over beyond the vertical plane except while executing a turn.

What are the teaching cues for the backstroke kick?

Keep your legs close together and kick from the hips rather than the knees. Keep your ankles relaxed and your knee slightly bent on the downbeat. Kick as hard and as fast as you feel comfortable. Sprinters may kick up to six beats per arm cycle whereas longer distance swimmers will typically use less.

How would you describe breaststroke?

Definition of breaststroke

: a swimming stroke executed in a prone position by coordinating a kick in which the legs are brought forward with the knees together and the feet are turned outward and whipped back with a glide and a backward sweeping movement of the arms.

What is leg movement in swimming?

The leg motion used in sidestroke is called the scissors kick, in which the legs open slowly, under leg backward, upper leg forward, both knees slightly bent, and toes pointed. The scissoring action of the legs coming smartly together after opening creates the forward propulsion of the kick.

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What muscles does backstroke work?

Muscles Used

Freestyle primarily uses your triceps, pecs, glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Backstroke uses a lot more of your latissimus dorsi, which is the muscle that stretches across your back, in addition to your glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings.