Can you name the animals in raft?

What animals are there in Raft?

Below are all of the animals in Raft that are or are not major threats.

  • 12 Clucker.
  • 11 Goat.
  • 10 Llama.
  • 9 Seagull.
  • 8 Bee Swarm.
  • 7 Lurker.
  • 6 Screecher.
  • 5 Warthog.

How many animals are in Raft?

Listed below are all twelve hostile animals that you can find when find when exploring the different Islands of Raft.

Why is my Llama sad in Raft?

The Llama is one of the three tamable animals. Untamed Llamas are non-hostile creatures in Raft. However, if the player gets too close, they will get startled and run away from the player until the player has stayed at a far enough distance for long enough, at which point they will calm down and slowly amble around.

How do you spawn animals in the Raft?

Spawn animals or landmarks

  1. /spawn shark.
  2. /spawn pufferfish.
  3. /spawn stonebird.
  4. /spawn llama.
  5. /spawn goat.
  6. /spawn chicken.
  7. /spawn boar.
  8. /spawn landmark_big.

Can you breed animals in Raft?

If cared for, Cluckers lay Eggs, Goats can be Milked with a Bucket, and Llamas can be Sheared to get Wool. A lot of items and mechanics rely on animal produce, so having Livestock on the raft is a necessity to unlock late-game items.


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Name Description Produces
Llama An ordinary llama 1x

What do animals need in Raft?

In order to make sure your animals are comfortable and are kept fed on your Raft, you will need to invest in some grass plots. Without them your animals will not have anything to eat and will eventually perish! These are placeable squares that connect together to form a neat seamless field. Add a bit of water and Boom!

Do animals walk off the Raft in Raft?

Originally posted by Xas: Yes.

What can you shear in Raft?

Summary. The Shear must be researched in the Research Table. Once crafted, it can be used on tamed Llamas to get Wool. Considering its low durability and use, it’s a fairly expensive item costing two Metal Ores to craft.

How do you get an op weapon in the Raft?

The OP Weapon cannot be crafted, and may only be obtained through developer console commands, file editing, or Modding. It looks like a golden spear with the occasional scratch and dink. Visually, it is made from four Machetes welded together around the center of a long shaft.

Where can I buy egg Raft?

You’ll need to look around on Large Islands for patches that look similar to Sand. You will also need a Shovel to collect the dirt. Your Cluckers will eat the grass, and eventually you’ll find Eggs randomly being laid!