Can your raft sink in raft?

Once you step on a Vacated Raft, it will start sinking slowly into the sea. Sinking accelerates as soon as the player collects the raft’s loot box. Vacated Rafts have multiple variants, each with a specific loot box location.

Can your raft be too heavy in raft?

Depends on the size of your raft. Each engine can handle 100 pieces of the raft. Otherwise, it’ll never work due to the raft being too heavy. If you have a small raft, one should be enough.

What happens if you lose your raft in raft?

You can simply respawn without any penalties. You can choose to respawn with the penalty of losing any items on you, or you can have another player pick you up and place you in a bed with no penalties.

Can you have 2 rafts in raft?

No, it’s not possible. Currently it seems it’s not possible to replace one either if shark eats it or it drifts off while you admire view on an island.

Can you turn your raft?

In the early game, you really can’t turn or rotate your Raft. You can kind of run your Raft into an island to spin it around a bit, but this is a pretty unreliable method. The best way to do it in the beginning of the game is to just move your stuff to accommodate the direction you are traveling in.

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How much weight can rafts?

90 to 275 pounds is the weight limit for most white water river rafting companies. Though there are no laws about rafting weight limits, most companies require participants to be within this weight range. So depending on your weight, you may not be able to go river rafting.

Does weight matter raft?

While the extra weight and size will slow the raft, players can build extra durability into the rafts. Using better materials will help keep the sharks from rocking the boat. Additionally, maybe there are some Stranded Deep cheat codes that might also help in case of shark attack.

How do you tame llamas raft?

When a Llama is located, the player must fire a Net Launcher at it. If it is hit, the player can pick it up and relocate it. Once the Llama is caught, it is considered tamed and will no longer run away from the player after being placed on the Raft.

Does the shark head do anything in raft?

Can be worn as a helmet. Wearing it does not provide any advantages. Can be used to on a Large Trophy Board. Can be used as Raw Food in the Biofuel Refiner.

Can you catch a boar in raft?

The Warthog can be killed quickly on land with a Basic Bow and arrows.


Weapon/Ammo Normal Hard
Metal Spear Stone Arrow 9 12
Machete Metal Arrow 6 8

How big is a raft world?

Originally posted by Anonymous Helper: World is infinite but it’s not persistent like Minecraft. World only exist certain range around your raft. Game spawns random islands in path of your raft and they despawn when your raft gets far enough away from them.

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How do you get to Balboa Island raft?

There are mainly two ways to enter the island: docking on a beach or swimming towards the center following a river from either of its ends. The beach has lots of rubble that covers the sand out into the sea floor, plotted among barrels and cargo crates (which hold no Materials).

How do you split a raft?

Shift + left click to instantly move items to chest or hotbar. (If chest is not open.) Same system that many inventory style games use. This also include middle clicking to split stacks as well as holding right click.

How do you cheat on the Raft?

Raft cheats/console command codes

  1. /set hunger X.
  2. /set thirst X.
  3. /set blockhealth X.
  4. /set bonushunger X.
  5. /set gamemode X.
  6. /set fps X.
  7. /set oxygen X.