Question: Can you scuba dive on Xanax?

Recommended precautions: Xanax is sometimes used to treat a temporary problem, like severe emotional upset following a tragedy. Avoid diving until you are free and clear of your panic and the medication.

Can you scuba dive with anxiety?

Anxiety does not have to negatively impact your scuba diving. Though implementing the above prevention and management strategies, you may find that your dives are more calm, enjoyable and safe!

Can you scuba dive on medication?

Although very few medications have actually been tested for diving safety, the known side effects of some common OTC drugs are potentially fatal under water. Sedatives, sleep aids, and antihistamines should never be taken prior to diving.

Can you scuba dive while taking antidepressants?

Antidepressants have several side effects that may pose risks when diving with compressed air. These include: drowsiness and sleepiness; convulsions; increased bleeding tendency; hypoglycaemia; mania, dry mouth and blurred vision.

Can you scuba dive if you take Adderall?

Medications That Potentiate Oxygen Toxicity

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Stimulants such as amphetamines (Adderall, Vyvanse, dextroamphetamine), methamphetamines, cocaine, methylphenidate (Ritalin), and phenylpropanolamine (found in over the counter decongestants) also have the potential to lower the seizure threshold in divers.

Can claustrophobic people scuba dive?

It is a myth that all people with claustrophobia can’t scuba dive. … This is important for any course, but especially if you have claustrophobia. Some skills might be a little more challenging or you may require to progress through the course at a slower pace. Tell your instructor.

What happens if you panic while scuba diving?

Panicking during a dive can happen to anyone, but if it’s something that continues to reoccur, you need a plan for overcoming dive panic. Avoidance only worsens the problem and unchecked panic during a dive can result in injury, or even death.

Which drugs are contraindicated for divers?

Most experts consider asthma and the associated drugs to treat it to be contraindications to diving. Antianxiety medication such as Valium should be considered dangerous when it comes to diving.

Can you dive with depression?

Each case should be assessed individually and it is still possible to dive whilst taking antidepressant medication. Ideally, a diver suffering from depression should be taking no more than one antidepressant and should be on a stable dose for at least 3 months before considering diving.

Is sertraline an antidepressant?

Sertraline is an SSRI antidepressant. It is also known by the trade name Lustral.

Can you scuba dive with ADHD?

ADHD is a condition which, if untreated, is associated with symptoms such as attention problems, reduced awareness and impulsiveness that present a risk to scuba diving. Mild ADHD need not preclude diving with compressed air.

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Can I dive on Zoloft?

For many divers, antidepressants like fluoxetine (Prozac), paroxetine (Paxil) and sertraline (Zoloft) mean not having to abandon diving (not to mention other important activities in their lives) to deal with repeated bouts of depression. These drugs, however, are not without side effects.

Can you scuba dive while taking Wellbutrin?

As a rule of thumb, you should not dive for the first several weeks after starting any antidepressant or after changing the dosage of your current medication.

Can you scuba dive on beta blockers?

Divers who use beta blockers and who can achieve a strenuous level of exercise without severe fatigue may be cleared for diving.

Can you scuba dive with high blood pressure?

Having high blood pressure puts you at increased risk whilst diving. It is a major risk factor for having a heart attack or a stroke, both of which could be fatal underwater. Over time, high blood pressure can damage the blood vessels in the body, and the heart muscle itself.

Can you scuba dive on spironolactone?

Potassium-sparing diuretics include spironolactone (Aldactone), miloride (Midamor) and triamterene (Dyrenium). Clearly the diver using a diuretic must take extra care to remain properly hydrated. In this regard, it may be prudent to discontinue the drug during tropical dive outings, with doctor clearance, of course.