Quick Answer: Can you surf in southern Italy?

South from Rome you will find Artiglieria. Situated in the coastal city of Sabaudia this beach offers very consistent breaks with fun hollow waves. Other good surf spots in the area are Sant’Agostino, Lido Garda, Serapo and La Chiesa.

Is there anywhere to surf in Italy?

Firstly, the Ligurian Sea. Liguria offers one of the best selections of surf spots that Italy has. Stretching some 350 kilometres (220 miles), surfers of all abilities can find what they are hunting for in Liguria. Levanto boasts one of the most popular waves in Italy and offers over 500 metres of beautiful coastline.

Can you surf in Naples Italy?

Lido Pola or Nisida (Naples) in West Coast of Italy is an exposed beach break that has reliable surf, although summer tends to be mostly flat. Offshore winds are from the northeast with some shelter here from northwest winds.

Does Italy have good surfing?

The shock feels like it should have worn off by now, but Italy has surf. Fun surf. Sometimes great surf. This Mediterranean country’s coastline is exposed to swells from multiple directions and, on the right days, can go off.

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Can you surf on the Amalfi Coast?

Of course, there are many more famous surfing locations in Italy than these. After all, the whole country is one long coastline. Other than these highlights, regions worth checking out for some surf are the Amalfi Coast, the Northern Adriatic, and areas northwest of Rome.

Why are there no waves in Italy?

But there will be sporadic waves from autumn through to spring. Italy sometimes relies on strong onshore winds to push low-pressure weather systems towards its coastlines. These storms will have either travelled up across the Iberian Peninsular from the Atlantic Ocean, or been generated in the Western Med.

Where can I surf in Italy in the summer?

The best surf spots in the area are Silver Rock reef, La Speranza, Rena Majore and Capo Manu. Lido Di Ostia is located on the west coast of the mainland just half an hour away from Rome. This area is known for having good surf spots and for being the home break of the only Italian surfer on the CT, Leonardo Fioravanti.

Can you surf in Tuscany?

Surf in Tuscany | Visit Tuscany. Tuscany may not be like California, but this doesn’t mean there are no possibilities to surf in Tuscany! Here you can find a lot of surfers along the coast looking for the perfect wave. … There are also many surf shops along the coast.

Can you surf in Sicily?

The best period to surf in Sicily is: March to May and September to December. From January to early March the sea gets often too choppy and it’s not always that enjoyable.

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Can you surf anywhere in the Mediterranean?

There are more surf spots than you think

Further afield there are more consistent and better swells hitting Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily, the coast of Italy gets semi-regular waves and I’ve even been told of swells sneaking into Slovenia. Basically, wherever there is coastline along the Med, you can get waves.

Can you surf in northern Italy?

Northern Italy Region Info

Northern Italy Italy is not the typical surf destination, but every time it’s good, it’s crowded for sure. There’s lots to see, cultural and historical sites. You need to be very flexible to get in the water once the conditions are good.

Can you surf in Milan?


Nowadays, everyone talks about surfing but just a few actually have the privilege to chase a swell by plane. The surf dream lands in Milan, accessible and entertaining.

Can you surf in Puglia?

On the west coast of Puglia is COOEE (“Come Here” in Australian aboriginal dialect), a surfing centre near the Ionian Sea. Travellers will find great locations to surf from September to May when the southern swells hit the Gulf of Taranto with world-class waves.

Can you surf in Capri?

Licola Beach ( Lido Capri) in West Coast of Italy is a fairly exposed beach break that has inconsistent surf. … The beach breaks offer lefts and rights Good surf at all stages of the tide. Rarely crowded here.

Can you surf in the Adriatic Sea?

Moro River feeds into Renerelle Beach, and in front of the river mouth, in the smallest sea of the world, the Central Adriatic, with particular swell and wind conditions, it is possible to score quality surf. … On an average year, there are roughly 60-70 days of surf-able swell, which is never enough for us.

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Are there waves in Sardinia?

Sardinia has a favorable position in the Mediterranean, in such a way that it gets small to medium waves nearly every day of the year. The average is 300 days per year of suitable surfing conditions, which is more frequent than other top surf spots worldwide!