Why are swimming trunks called budgie smugglers?

(swimming costume): A jocular reference to a man’s tight-fitting swimming costume or swimsuit appearing as if he has a budgerigar concealed inside it, ie. his bulging genitals.

Who invented the term budgie smugglers?

Jeff Thomson credited with creating term ‘budgie smugglers’

What are budgie smugglers called?

Budgie smugglers is an Australian slang phrase that is used to describe tight-fitting men’s swimwear, also known as speedos.

Why do Aussies say thongs?

Rather than a form of fashion whimsy, Australians take their thongs seriously. Even the naming of them — after the structural make-up of the shoe’s fastening rather than the onomatopoeic “flip flop” used by other countries — flies in the face of the Australian preference for shortened diminutives and nicknames.

Where did the term budgie smugglers originate?

Budgy Smuggler started as a bit of a laugh in a backyard in Australia when some mates decided to write ‘Budgy Smuggler’ on the back of a speedo-style swimwear.

What is a smuggler in British slang?

/ˈsmʌɡ.lɚ/ uk. /ˈsmʌɡ.lər/ someone who smuggles. Synonym. runner (TAKING)

What is a budgie in British slang?

British Dictionary definitions for budgie

budgie. / (ˈbʌdʒɪ) / noun. informal short for budgerigar.

What does budgie mean in Australia?

The word “budgerigar” is a shortened form of Budgie, from the native Australian name Betcherrygah. The betcherry bit means ‘good’, and gah means ‘parakeet’.

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What does D thong mean?

Definition of thong

1 : a strip especially of leather or hide. 2 : a sandal held on the foot by a thong fitting between the toes and connected to a strap across the top or around the sides of the foot.

What do Australians call undies?

Simple. Aussie slang is full of alternative words for our trousers and underwear. Reginalds or Reg Grundies are rhyming slang for undies, while bloomers are known as bum shorts in Queensland, and scungies in New South Wales and the ACT.

What are slippers called in Australia?

They are called thongs (sometimes pluggers) in Australia, jandals (originally a trademarked name derived from “Japanese sandals”) in New Zealand, slops or “plakkies” in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and tsinelas in the Philippines (or, in some Visayan localities, “smagol”, from the word smuggled).

What is an esky in Australia?

Esky was an Australian brand of portable coolers. The term “esky” is also commonly used in Australia to generically refer to portable coolers or ice boxes and is part of the Australian vernacular, in place of words like “cooler” or “cooler box” and the New Zealand “chilly bin”.