Your question: How do I choose a wetsuit for wakeboarding?

You should choose a wetsuit that can combine the warmth and the flexibility you need. If your budget allows then a 60 per cent super-stretch neoprene 3/2 mm thick wetsuit is the best choice for more active water sports like wakeboarding.

What kind of wetsuit do I need for wakeboarding?

#1: Wetsuit Thickness

General Watersports (Surf, Wake, Kite, Etc.) Kayak & Paddle
48°+ 5/4/3mm Sealed 4/3mm Sealed
52°+ 4/3mm Sealed & Taped 3/2mm Sealed
58°+ 4/3mm Sealed 3/2mm Flatlock
60°+ 3/2mm Sealed Neoprene Top

Can you wakeboard in a wetsuit?

For wakeboarding, wakesurfing, and waterskiing, a 3/2 wetsuit will keep you plenty warm.

What should I pack for wakeboarding?

Be All Suited Up. After you sign your life away, you’ll be given a full set of protective gear including a helmet and a life vest. Listen closely to the instructions from your coach, grab a suitable wakeboard and you’re good to go.

How buoyant is a wetsuit?

A wetsuit can have two to three pounds of buoyancy for every millimeter of thickness. If you wear a neoprene drysuit, consider that compressed or crushed neoprene suits have much less buoyancy than standard neoprene.

Can you ski on water?

Water skiing (also waterskiing or water-skiing) is a surface water sport in which an individual is pulled behind a boat or a cable ski installation over a body of water, skimming the surface on two skis or one ski.

Water skiing.

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Mixed gender No
Type Aquatic
Equipment Water skis, motorboat, towline
Venue Body of water

Should you wear a helmet when wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding is known as an extreme watersport, which means that some tricks may also be dangerous, especially if you come crashing into the water In addition to wearing a life vest, you also want to wear a watersport, or wakeboard, helmet to keep your head protected from injury.

Do you have to wear boots to wakeboard?

For an easier ride, you should invest in a board with a continuous rocker. Don’t forget to get yourself a pair of wakeboarding boots, properly known as bindings. You can’t just wear any old pair of boots, they have to be locked into place during your ride on your wakeboard.