Your question: What is the shovel for in raft?

After being researched at the Research Table, the Shovel can be used to dig out Dirt from caves on Large Islands. As such, it is essential in getting Livestock on the raft, as Dirt is used to make Grass Plots.

How do you dig dirt on a raft?

How-to Get Dirt

  1. Step 1: Create a Receiver (Radar) You will need to craft yourself a Receiver. …
  2. Step 2: Find the Radio Tower. …
  3. Step 3: Find a Large Island. …
  4. Step 4: Craft a Shovel. …
  5. Step 5: Look for a Cave on the Large Island.

How do you get grass in the raft?

Placed on the raft to feed Livestock. After being placed, the plot needs to be watered with Fresh Water. After 5 minutes, the grass is fully grown and ready to be consumed. Once the grass has been eaten, the plot must be watered again.

How do you keep animals on your Raft in the Raft?

In order to make sure your animals are comfortable and are kept fed on your Raft, you will need to invest in some grass plots. Without them your animals will not have anything to eat and will eventually perish! These are placeable squares that connect together to form a neat seamless field. Add a bit of water and Boom!

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How do you make a Raft metal detector?

To make a metal detector, you need 12 Plastics, 6 Scraps and 1 Battery. The blueprint can be obtained from the depths of the sea under Caravan Island, the same place you get one of the zipline parts.

How do you get the egg in the Raft?

Summary. Eggs are laid by Cluckers after being caught and tamed with the Net Launcher. Once caught, eggs are laid by the Cluckers within an interval of 240–360 seconds (4–6 minutes). The Egg can be used as an ingredient, but cannot be cooked by itself.

Why is my Llama sad in Raft?

The Llama is one of the three tamable animals. Untamed Llamas are non-hostile creatures in Raft. However, if the player gets too close, they will get startled and run away from the player until the player has stayed at a far enough distance for long enough, at which point they will calm down and slowly amble around.