How much does snorkeling cost in Key Largo?

Snorkeling tours from Key Largo are priced according to the trip length and guest capacity. 2.5-hour group snorkeling tours in the Marine Sanctuary cost $51 per person. A 3.5-hour group trip to the Marine Sanctuary or Pennekamp State Park are $56 each, stopping at 2 different snorkel locations.

Where can I snorkel in Key Largo for free?

The only Key Largo snorkeling from shore is at either of the two designated beaches in Pennekamp Park. The beaches access an enclosed bay that has a sea grass bottom and is surrounded by mangroves. You may see some fish and other critters, but you won’t see any corals.

Does Key Largo have good snorkeling?

Key Largo, the northernmost and longest of the Florida Keys, is a top destination for divers and snorkelers alike. Bordered by Florida Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, the self-titled Dive Capital of the World is home to the first undersea park in the U.S., John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

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How much does snorkeling cost?

3. How Much Do Snorkel Tours Cost?

Snorkel Tour in Area with High Cost of Living
Average Half-Day Snorkel Tour Cost (Per Person) $112
Half-Day Snorkel Tour Cost Range (Per Person) $68-160
Average Full-Day Snorkel Tour Cost (Per Person) $208
Full-Day Snorkel Tour Cost Range (Per Person) $172-249

Where can I snorkel in Key Largo?

This is the only place to snorkel directly off the beach.

  1. Key Largo Boat Charters For Snorkeling. …
  2. White Banks Dry Rocks And Christ Of The Abyss. …
  3. Grecian Rocks. …
  4. Molasses Reef. …
  5. The Elbow. …
  6. Snapper Ledge. …
  7. Sea Gardens. …
  8. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park Boat Tours.

Is snorkeling better in Key West or Key Largo?

When it comes to snorkeling and diving, Key West has some great diving, but the snorkeling and diving around Key Largo surpass the opportunities around the southernmost Key by far. The reefs around both islands are incredibly healthy, beautiful, and mostly easy to access.

How much does it cost to snorkel at John Pennekamp?

Personal or Group in-water guide available upon request for $60 plus tax. Each additional snorkeler (guided) is $15 plus tax. Max. group size is 6 snorkelers per guide.


Snorkeling Tours
Adult $38.95
Under 18 $35.00

How much does it cost to snorkel in the Keys?

Key West Reef Snorkeling Photos

Drinks Included with Tour! Pricing: Adult (Morning): $40.95. Adult (Afternoon): $45.95.

Can you snorkel in Key Largo in December?

January is traditionally Key West’s coldest month, with nightly temperatures dropping to 65 degrees. But during the day, it can get as warm as 89 degrees! … And don’t worry, Key West temperatures in December are even comfortable enough to explore the beaches and go snorkeling and diving when the water is nice and clear!

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Which Florida Key has the best snorkeling?

Snorkeling Florida Keys – Middle Keys – Islamorada, Marathon and Big Pine. And now, the best for last. By far and away the Middle Keys offer the best snorkeling grounds.

How much is it to snorkel a 4 wheeler?

Thankfully, snorkeling an ATV can be fairly cheap. It typically costs less than $300.

How much does snorkeling cost Philippines?

A basic snorkel to a basic price, Php 367.00 only.

Are snorkels worth it?

Whether you’re on the road or off road a snorkel is the best way to get the cleanest and purest air into your engine. Even if you’re not crossing rivers or battling high tides, a snorkel can still help improve on performance and fuel efficiency in heavy rain or dusty terrain.

Can you snorkel in Key Largo without a boat?

Re: snorkeling in the keys (without a boat)? You can snorkel off the beach at Ft. Zachary Taylor. There are a ton of great tropical fish right off shore that hang out around some huge rocks.

What is the best time to snorkel in Key Largo?

The best months for snorkelling are April until August. To avoid the crowds; April and May are great. It is still not too hot, the water is clearer, and accommodations are not as expensive as in the summertime. During winter a wetsuit is needed for snorkelling sea temps ranging from 24-20°C/75-67°F.

What is the best time of day to snorkel in Key Largo?

You really are better off to go morning …. and afternoon. Often the morning gets you calmer seas. This will make the trip out and back smoother and easier snorkeling. By afternoon the boats have colaborated and know where the best viewing is, but then you often have larger waves.

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