How much is it to snorkel at Devils Den?

Admission is $15/person Monday-Friday and $20 on weekends and holidays for snorkelers. Admission is $38/person for scuba divers. Rental snorkeling gear is an additional $10, and rental scuba gear is an additional $40.

How much is Devil’s Den snorkeling?

Snorkeling doesn’t require any certification and it costs $15 on weekdays and $20 on weekends. Each person needs a mask, snorkel and fins, so you can either bring your own or rent them for only $10. Scuba diving costs $38. Devil’s Den is located at 5390 N.E 180th Avenue in Williston, Florida.

Can you snorkel at Devil’s Den?

Devil’s Den Spring is a privately owned scuba diving center. We offer snorkeling 7 days a week (Monday – Thursday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m). Snorkeling does not require certification, so come enjoy the day with your family and explore everything this natural wonder has to offer.

How much does it cost to get into Devils Den?

Devil’s Den Springs in Williston, Florida – Snorkeling and Diving in a Cave! Our family went to Devil’s Den Pre-Historic Spring today, which is located in Williston, Florida. We went there while camping at Rainbow Springs,around 30 minutes away. At this time, the fee to go into Devil’s Den is $15 per person.

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Is Devil’s Den worth it?

Devil’s Den is a pool inside of a cave where you can go snorkeling and scuba diving. It is located 1.5 to 2 hours outside of Orlando, but it is worth the drive. While you won’t see the same amount of fish that you would see if you went snorkeling in the ocean, Devil’s Den makes up for it in coolness factor.

Are there alligators in Devil’s Den?

There are not any sharks or alligators in Devil’s Den. Although the spring is connected to the Florida aquifer and other springs via an underground cave system, there is no way for alligators to enter the spring via the tunnels.

How cold is Devil’s Den?

The water temp is a constant 22°C/72°F year-round. Devil’s Den is a geological formation known as a karst fenster (karst window). The diving area is actually a subterranean river, and the steam that rises through the “window” on cold winter morning is how the dive site got its name.

Can you swim at Devil’s Den State Park?

Devil’s Den State Park Reservoir

While swimming is not allowed in the reservoir, you can carefully walk or climb on the rocks nearby.

How much does it cost to go snorkeling in Orlando?

Snorkeling is now available by reservation only. Admission is $15 per person on weekdays and $22 per person on weekends and holidays.

Are there snakes at Ginnie Springs?

If just a day at the springs isn’t enough, you’re in luck. … Expect to see animals in and out of the springs such as manatees, alligators, different types of turtles, tortoises, snakes, birds and more. Cypress and other hardwood trees line the waterfront, and about 600 acres of woods surround Ginnie Springs.

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Are dogs allowed at Devil’s Den State park?

Pets are allowed in the park. Dogs must be on a leash and cleaned up after.

Can you swim at Devil’s Den Florida?

Can I just swim in Devil’s Den? – Unfortunately, there is no general swimming. Devil’s Den is a privately owned scuba diving training center that allows snorkeling, therefore, we have strict insurance regulations.

What can you do at Devil’s Den?

5 Things To Do in Devil’s Den

  • You Can Snorkel in the Devil’s Den. Free-swimming is prohibited at Devil’s Den, but with snorkeling gear you’ll have a whole underworld to explore. …
  • 2. … …
  • 3 . …
  • Marvel at Devil’s Den Geologic History. …
  • More to See in the Devil’s Den Neighborhood.

How far is Devil’s Den from Disney World?

The distance between Devil’s Den State Park and Walt Disney World is 903 miles.