How should I store my sails?

The best way to store your sails is to hang them from the ceiling so they don’t touch anything. The next best option is to store them on a shelf (keep the open end of the bag facing away from any walls for better air circulation and to make it harder for a pest to get in).

How do you store windsurfing sails?

The best way to store a windsurfing sail is by hanging it. If that’s not possible, roll it loosely around the mast, or fold it properly. As for the windsurf board, once it’s clean and dry, put it in the bag and then mount it on a wall rack.

How do you store laminate sails?

Best option is to first clean them, dry them, take out the battens, and loosely roll them. Then store them in a low humidity air conditioned environment. Folding them is a reasonable option but can cause creases.

How long are sails good for?

It depends on harshness of use, but even when treated well, sails can only be expected to retain good shape for half to two-thirds of the structural life of a sail – that’s roughly 1,700 to 2,700 hours of use.

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How do you flake a sail?

To flake a sail, start with the sail flat and make accordion folds of the sail into itself, eventually pulling the head down onto the flaked pile. At this point, the flaked sail can be left as is or rolled/bricked. Below are variations on flaking for different uses and sail features. Below are the main types of flakes.

How do you fold a pocket square for a sail?


  1. A close relative to the Sailing Ship Fold is the Sail fold shown here. …
  2. Lay the pocket square down flat.
  3. Fold in half to create a rectangle.
  4. Fold in half again to create a smaller square.
  5. Fold down one side to create a small triangle.
  6. Fold up one of the leaves. …
  7. Fold up the second leave.

How do you take care of a sail?

Rinse your sails with fresh water and dry thoroughly before storing, to prevent mildew and color bleeding in spinnakers. Rinse fittings in fresh water to help prevent corrosion. Store dry sails in a well-ventilated location. And remember, making sure they are dry is as important as the initial rinse.

How do you store 3di sails?

Carefully fold your sails before storing them. Try not to follow your usual fold lines, to prevent these creases from sitting for months during the offseason. If your space allows it, store your sails rolled instead. Where you store your sails is as important as what you do before you put them away.

How do I clean Mylar sails?

Use warm water, soap and elbow grease. Hard stains can be removed with household bleach or common stain remover. Be careful to thoroughly remove all cleaning solvents or they will damage the finish.

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How often should sails be replaced?

While sails do not last forever, with the proper care and attention they can last for years. For instance, those who take weekend sailing trips can expect their sails to last around 15 years with the right care and upkeep. You can expect around 6-7 years if you sail every day for 5 hours.

How long do Dacron sails last?

These are the sails that seem see through from a distance because they are purely milar and fibers. The fibers are what give these sails their colors. These see through racing sails will last between 2 to 3 years before the delaminate.

Do sails stretch?

Every time you hoist a brand new woven sail, it will stretch. The more load you carry, the more it will stretch. The way to prevent your sails from becoming too stretched is to monitor their sail shape with photos, and work with your sailmaker to have the sail periodically recut.