Question: Can I wear a surfing wetsuit for triathlon?

So, the answer is yes – you can legally race in a surf wetsuit as long as it’s 5mm in thickness or under, but you might get a bit hot or lose energy with each stroke compared to the race-focused triathlon suit.

Can you do a triathlon in a surf wetsuit?

It is possible to use Surfing or Diving wetsuits in triathlon, however, their thickness should not exceed 5 millimeters, or else the participant would be violating Triathlon rules and will be subject to disqualification.

Are surfing wetsuits OK for swimming?

Surfing wetsuits help surfers stay warm by using differing thicknesses of neoprene for corresponding temperatures of water. For open water swimmers, temperature is less of an importance as they are constantly moving and have a high body temperature. Swimming wetsuits often have multiple panels of varying thickness.

Can you do a triathlon in a normal wetsuit?

You could wear a water-sports wetsuit for a triathlon, although you will find it significantly harder both during the swim and also getting it off in transition. A water-sports suit is likely to be enough of a hindrance that you won’t need to worry about being in the mix for the medals.

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Are surfing and swimming wetsuits the same?

Wetsuits for open water swimming are distinctively different from traditional surfing wetsuits. Wetsuits were first developed for water-sports to provide warmth in the water. Surf or diving wetsuits are generally designed with warmth and protection in mind, not with swimming movement or speed.

Can you use Orca wetsuit for surfing?

The rental suit may be used only for swimming purposes, as the neoprene used for Orca wetsuits is too delicate for surfing, SCUBA, etc.

What wetsuit should I buy for a triathlon?

Tri wetsuits come in different styles, and sleeveless or long-sleeve suits are the most common. A sleeveless wetsuit is best for warmer water temps and for those who feel too much restriction in the shoulders with a sleeved suit. Full-sleeved suits are more appropriate for colder water.

What is the best wetsuit for wild swimming?

What is the best wetsuit for open-water swimming?

  • Best overall wetsuit: Orca Openwater Core Hi-Vis Wetsuit.
  • Best women’s wetsuit for flexibility: Zone3 Azure Women’s Wetsuit.
  • Best men’s wetsuit for beginners: Zone3 Azure Men’s Wetsuit.
  • Best wetsuit for strong swimmers: Orca Openwater Core TRN.

What is the difference between a surfing wetsuit and a diving wetsuit?

The biggest difference between a SCUBA wetsuit and a surfing wetsuit is that the one designed for diving uses compression-resistant neoprene that doesn’t compress underwater. This feature is important, because a wetsuit provides thermal insulation through its thickness, measured in millimeters.

What makes a triathlon wetsuit different?

Triathlon wetsuits have slippery outer coatings that let you glide faster in water. They are usually made of Yamamoto neoprene rubber. This surface helps reduce drag and increases your speed in water, helping conserve energy.

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Can you use a diving wetsuit for swimming?

At Mikes, we’re sometimes asked whether diving wetsuits are suitable for open water swimming and the short answer is yes, there are lots of great diving products that are perfectly suitable for open water swimming.

How thick should a triathlon wetsuit be?

Triathlon wetsuits only go up to 5mm thick; thicker wetsuits are prohibited in USA Triathlon-sanctioned events. Other wetsuits do not offer the buoyancy of neoprene panels, which is a major advantage of triathlon suits.