Question: How do you lubricate an open cell wetsuit?

Always use lots of soapy water or wetsuit lubrication to dress in your wetsuit. Use water mixed with plenty of soap / conditioner or a brand name wetsuit lubricant. Never user your fingernails to pull on the material, always use an open palm to slide the wetsuit over your body.

Do you need lube for open cell wetsuit?

Putting on an open cell suit would be close to impossible without lube. For most, lube is a mixture of hair conditioner and water. … It helps slip the suit without damaging it or ripping off your body hair. Conditioner to water ratio is as varied as the spearos who make it.

How do you lubricate neoprene?

Silicone Spray by GEAR AID is a neoprene protectant and lubricant. Just spray it on dive suits and equipment to protect it from the harmful effects of saltwater. Use as an O-ring lubricant, a rubber conditioner, and a wetsuit lubricant.

What is wetsuit lube?

The Slippy wetsuit lube is a powdered lubricant that provides the highest quality for your wetsuit – with no smell and no irritation to the skin! … The Slippy lubricant prevents microbial infections, and it does this in two ways: Water is unable to penetrate into hair follicles, and in fact it does the opposite.

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How do I soften my neoprene wetsuit?

Warm water is much more effective than cold for this. Personally I would not put any wetsuit in a top loader. A front loader would give it a good safe workout. You can find fans of Listerine, Softener, Simple Green, Woolite and even wetsuit shampoo.

What is the difference between open cell and closed cell wetsuit?

Because of the open bubbles, a suit made of this material while in this state is called an open cell wetsuit. On the other hand, a closed cell wetsuit is usually neoprene lined with another material such as nylon or polyester. This kind of wetsuit isn’t porous and makes the suit a little bit stiffer.

How do you lube a wetsuit zipper?

Thoroughly clean zipper, removing all sand, dirt and other debris. Open zipper and apply Zip Tech sparingly only to the outer teeth of zipper. To thoroughly distribute lubricant, close and open zipper carefully. Repeat process until zipper moves freely.

How do you lubricate a wetsuit zipper?

Check that your zippers open and close smoothly before you put the suit on. If your zipper is stuck, lubricate the slider with a little Zippy-lube™ or O-ring grease. Wipe off any excess. Don’t use a spray like WD40, as it will be difficult to keep from getting it on the neoprene.

Can neoprene be sprayed?

Silicone Spray – Neoprene Protectant & Lubricant

Allowing you to slide into and out of your wetsuit with ease, this lubricant is made out of food-grade silicone in an easy-to-use spray container, and works to protect your gear from rust, salt, oxidation, and corrosion while you’re in the water.

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What soap can I use to put a diving suit on?

The only laundry detergent to consider using is Woolite. 3rd: Wash your wetsuit in the tub of soap and the detergent will break down the body oils and odors. In addition, it will help wash away the bacteria that caused the smell in the first place .

Do your clothes get wet under a wetsuit?

The key is to remember that everything under your wetsuit will get very very wet — this might go without saying, but the wetsuit will not actually keep any of your clothing from making contact with water.