Quick Answer: Can you take Jet Skis to Lake Mammoth?

On the lake itself, a 10 M.P.H. speed limit is imposed until 10:00 a.m. each day, to accommodate the early morning fishermen. After 10:00, speedier watercraft may take to the lake, and sports such as water-skiing, wakeboarding and jet skiing may be enjoyed.

Can you jetski on Mammoth Lake?

Mammoth Lakes and the surrounding Eastern Sierra is quickly gaining popularity as a mountain playground for power boaters and jet skiers. … Two huge lakes are ideal for power boaters and jet skiers: Crowley and Grant Lakes.

Are boats allowed in Mammoth Lakes?

While every lake in the area isn’t open to boating, there are more than enough options for fishing and pontoon boats. One of the closest and most popular lakes for boating is Convict Lake, located just south of Mammoth Lakes off Highway 395. … You can also launch your boat for free from the public ramp.

Can you ride jet skis on June Lake?

During warmer months, in addition to world-class trout fishing, June Lake and the loop’s other three lakes—Gull Lake, Silver Lake, and Grant Lake—offer swimming, boating, sailing, stand-up paddle boarding, waterskiing, and jet-skiing.

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Can you rent boats at Lake George in Mammoth?

Kayaking on Lake George ◉

There’s a small marina offering watercraft rentals, sundries and a boat ramp for easy put-in. … With its clear Alpine water and close-up views of Crystal Crag and the Mammoth Crest, it’s one of the most scenic places in the area to paddle a kayak.

Can you water ski on Lake Crowley?

Both Crowley Lake and Grant Lake allow water-skiing and jet skiing, however, no rentals are available so please bring your own watercraft. Grant Lake is also great for windsurfing. High mountain lakes can be very cold, so a wetsuit is recommended to help insulate your body from the chilly water.

Can you swim in Grant Lake CA?

Amazingly clear water in the California tundra! Located 20 miles north of Mammoth Lakes is June Lake, one of the four lakes inside June Lake Loop (the other three being Gull Lake, Silver Lake, and Grant Lake). The east end of June Lake has a swim beach with a sandy shoreline.

Can you paddle board in Mammoth Lakes?

Excellent boating and paddleboarding opportunities abound at the numerous lakes in the Mammoth Lakes Basin and surrounding areas. During the summer months, these waters feature both recreational paddlers out for a scenic afternoon and fishermen trying to hook a trophy-size trout.

Can you kayak in Mammoth Lakes?

There are a number of spots to put-in or rent kayaks in the Mammoth Lakes Basin that make getting on the water convenient. The Lake Mary Marina is a launch spot on the north shore and has kayak, SUP, and fishing boat rentals. Phone: (760) 934-5353.

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How much are boat rentals in Mammoth?


Boat Rentals 2 Hours All Day
Deluxe Pontoons – 1 $195 $495
Motor Boat $60 $100
Single Kayak
Tandem Kayak

Is June Lake safe to swim in?

June Lake Beach

The shore is shallow, perfect for swimming, floating, or even launching a kayak or paddleboard. You can also fish from the shore, making it a fun spot for the whole family.

Is June Lake Beach closed?

June Lake Campground is located in the Eastern Sierra, near the town of June Lake, at an elevation of 7,600 feet. This campground has 28 campsites. Drinking water is availabe. Flush toilets are available.

At a Glance.

Current Conditions: Closed for the season
Water: Potable Water
Restroom: Flush Toilet

Is June Lake a natural lake?

June Lake is the name of the June Lake Loop area about 20 miles north of Mammoth Lakes. The “Loop” is a natural horseshoe-shaped canyon that runs approximately 12 miles from the south end of Hwy. … Along the Loop are the natural lakes of June Lake, Gull Lake, Silver Lake and the man-made lake (reservoir) of Grant Lake.

Can I kayak on Mono Lake?

With its tufa towers and turquoise water, Mono Lake is a place unlike anywhere else in California. … While motorboats are prohibited on the lake, canoes, paddle boards, and kayaks are permitted and even encouraged.

Where can you kayak in Mammoth?

The Mammoth Lakes Basin encompasses Lake Mary, Twin Lakes, Lake George, and Lake Mamie. All of these lakes are great for kayaking and canoeing and easily accessible from town. Follow the June Lake Loop to June Lake, Gull Lake, Grant Lake and Silver Lake.

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Can you bring your own kayak to June Lake?

Or launch your own boat from June Lake Marina. … There is no boat launch at June Lake beach, this spot is best for paddle boards, kayaks and swimming. Be careful not to go fishing with high winds, as this big lake can have dangerous conditions during windy weather.