What is Surfer software used for?

Surfer is used extensively for terrain modeling, bathymetric modeling, surface analysis, contour mapping, watershed and 3D surface mapping, gridding, view-shed analysis, volumetrics, and much more [13] .

What programming language does Surfer use?

Scripter is a program that comes with Surfer and is used to write, edit and run scripts. The Scripter language is very similar to VBA. Technical support from Golden Software only supports automation using the Scripter language using the Scripter program.

What is a surfer grid?

Surfer is a grid-based mapping program that interpolates irregularly spaced XYZ data into a regularly spaced grid. Grids may also be imported from other sources, such as the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

What is the latest version of Surfer?

What is the latest version? The most recent version of Surfer is version 23.2. 176 from February 1, 2022. The most recent version of Surfer Beta is version 24.0.

How do I import data into surfing?

Create a map from Excel data in Surfer

  1. Click Home | Grid Data | Grid Data, select the data file and click Open.
  2. In the Grid Data – Select Data dialog, select the X, Y and Z columns from the data file, and choose your desired gridding method (or accept the defaults).

Who is the most famous surfer?

Robert Kelly Slater (born February 11, 1972) is an American professional surfer, best known for his unmatched 11 world surfing championship wins. Slater is widely regarded as the greatest professional surfer of all time.

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How do you digitize a surfer map?

How can I load a scanned map into Surfer, digitize the data and create a contour map?

  1. Load and Georeference the Image. Click Home | New Map | Base, select your image file and click Open. …
  2. Digitize the Image. …
  3. Create a grid and contour map from the digitized contours.

How do I upgrade my surfer?

If you are using Surfer 13 or older you will only be able to update to the latest minor update of your licensed Surfer software version. To do this, click File | Online | Check for update or Help | Check for update in the program.