What is the most accurate surf forecast?

1. Surfline. Surfline provides accurate reports for thousands of spots all around the world and is one of the most comprehensive and progressive for surf forecasting on the internet.

What is the best surf forecast app?

The best surf forecast apps

  • Magicseaweed. The most well-known app for wave prediction check is clearly the MSW app. …
  • Surfline. Surfline’s wave forecast is at the forefront worldwide. …
  • Wisuki. Good well-arranged all-round surf forecasting app that you can use as a supplement to the MagicSeaweed app. …
  • Windfinder. …
  • Sine. …
  • WindGURU.

How accurate is surf forecast?

A surf report, however, is not a 100% accurate maritime weather forecast tool. Instead, surf reports represent interpretations of data collected over time from a given surf spot, and so each surf report site will have tuned the weather algorithms they use to make sense for their prevailing conditions.

What are the three main factors in surf forecasting?

There are three main factors that affect the size of a wave (or for our purposes the quality of the swell) in open sea. Wind Speed – The greater the wind speed the larger the wave. Wind Duration -The longer the wind blows the larger the wave. Fetch – The greater the area the wind affects the larger the wave.

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Is MagicSeaweed accurate?

We want to make sure we’re as clear as possible with everyone using magicseaweed about what you can expect from our forecasts. It’s very heavy going but the key is that it’s one of the most accurate systems yet devised for predicting the way swells are generated and travel to our coastlines.

Where can I surf today app?

Appy days: 7 extremely downloadable apps for surfers

  • WSL app: Your surf all-rounder.
  • WillyWeather: Weather in your pocket.
  • True Surf: Surf anywhere.
  • Boardline: For picking your ideal board.
  • Dorsal Shark Reports: For dodging sharks.
  • Dawn Patrol: Strava for surfers.
  • Red Bull TV: Your ultimate surf content companion.

When should I surf app?

Surfline has been the surf world’s go-to for wave forecasting and surf reports since 1985, helping millions of surfers score better waves, more often. Use the Surfline app to know before you go anytime, anywhere. Keep track of current surf conditions.

How do you read a surf report?

Key factors of reading surf forecasts are:

  1. Swell size. The size of the wave, or swell height, is a measure in feet or meters. …
  2. Swell period. The swell period is measured in seconds. …
  3. Swell direction. Swell direction tells you where the swell is coming from in degrees/bearing. …
  4. Wind direction. …
  5. Wind strength/speed. …
  6. Tide.

What does Lotus mean in surfing?

LOTUS is our new forecasting model; the successor of LOLA. This new forecast model combines cutting edge prediction technology with NOAA’s Wavewatch III source code to give you more accurate wave forecasts.

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What wind is best for surfing?

An offshore wind is the best wind for surfing. It ensures that the waves rolling in are well formed and break cleanly. If you want quality waves then you want an offshore wind. If you are going to go surfing, then make sure you keep an eye on the weather.

Can you surf 1 foot waves?

Tiny surf is really unforgiving when it comes to turning. A one- or two-foot wave is usually good for one, maybe two turns. Pick your section wisely, as you may only get one chance to turn–don’t blow that chance. “On a tiny wave, a big move is likely to be your last,” says Taj Burrow.

Which is more accurate Surfline or magic seaweed?

Surfline or MagicSeaweed? While the surf cams are nice for surfing locally, it didn’t matter too much while traveling. Ultimately, we personally recommend MagicSeaweed. While traveling abroad, MagicSeaweed never felt like it was out of its element.

Is Surfline reliable?

Surfline provides accurate reports for thousands of spots all around the world and is one of the most comprehensive and progressive for surf forecasting on the internet.