Where are crescent kayaks made?

Crescent Kayaks was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Carrollton, Georgia. Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the U.S.A., kayaks made by Crescent are known for solid quality, user-friendly design, great paddling performance, and affordable prices.

Where are crescent kayaks manufactured?

Our watercraft are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the U.S.A. Every Crescent Kayak is a product of countless hours on the water and in our manufacturing facility. A Crescent kayak is more than a vessel … It’s a streamlined connection to nature.

Who owns Crescent Kayaks?

Words by James Derbecker, Owner/Founder of Crescent Kayaks.

Are any kayaks made in the USA?

Lincoln Kayaks is the second oldest kayak manufacturer in the United States, building kayaks in the homeland since 1959.

Where are Crescent Kayaks molded?

Crescent Molded Handles

Injection-molded by our friends at YakAttack in Greenville, South Carolina.

Where are Kaku kayaks made?

Elevate your fishing game!

In this area is a town called Tarpon Springs, the Sponge Diving capital of the world. This is where the creators of Kaku Kayak were born and raised. This is where the idea for our fishing kayaks and fishing paddle boards were born.

Are Hobie kayaks made in USA?

Hobie kayaks are manufactured in California, USA. We all know that anything American built is going to be more expensive.

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Where are Viper kayaks made?

Montreal-based GSC Technologies manufactures kayaks and paddle-craft under the Future Beach, Equinox, Patriot, Heritage, and Viper brands.

Where are vibe kayaks made?

Our premium kayaks are designed and engineered in Kennesaw, GA and manufactured in China.

Are Crescent kayaks Rotomolded?

The Good in the Crescent Ultra Lite

The rotomolded kayak isn’t your typical shake and bake kayak. Lots of drain lines, purposeful placement of design elements like the carry handles and all the included standard YakAttack accessories make it water ready for most creek and river anglers without additional investment.

Where is Hoodoo kayaks made?

We are based in North Houston, TX. Our philosophy is that everyone deserves to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, but today’s prices on kayaks, coolers, camping and fishing gear make it difficult for most of us.

Where is the hull ID on a crescent kayak?

Newer canoes and kayaks often have a sticker placed next to the HIN that gives the vessel’s serial number. The HIN: Is a 12-digit serial number that uniquely identifies a vessel. Is usually stamped or embossed on the starboard side at the stern of the hull.