You asked: What happened to Kino’s canoe?

Unfortunately, one of Kino’s enemies ruined his sacred canoe to prevent him from fleeing the village. Kino then runs towards his house and discovers that it is on fire. Juana ends up meeting him with Coyotito in her arms and says that the entire house was ransacked before their enemies set it ablaze.

What happened to the canoe in the pearl?

The canoe provides sustenance for Kino’s family, but is also a link to his ancestry. It is intended to be passed on to his children, but the link is broken when it is destroyed as a result of the greed that came with the pearl.

What happened to Kino’s boat?

By now, Kino’s boat and his house have been destroyed, and he is left alone to face the dark forces. Kino’s determination to keep the pearl is the beginning of his destruction. He sees the pearl as a gift; he feels that he should hold on to it or else he will endanger his relationship with the gods.

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What happens to Kino’s brush house?

She confirms that their house has been burned down completely. As the neighbors rush to control the fire and to save their own houses, Kino, Juana, and Coyotito duck between the shadows and into Juan Tomás’s house.

Where did Kino get his canoe?

The canoe is old, bought by Kino’s grandfather, and is the source of food for Kino.

Why is Kino’s hut put on fire?

Kino has killed one person who has attacked him in order to steal the pearl. Juana attempts to throw the pearl away, fearing that it has brought evil into their home. When they are absent, someone has set fire to their hut.

What did the buyers call Kino’s pearl?

The pearl buyers tell Kino his pearl is like fools gold. They call it a monstrosity and said the pearl’s value would deteriorate. They each offer him less money than Kino thinks the pearl is worth.

What does Kino’s canoe symbolize?

Passed down through three generations, the canoe symbolizes for Kino the tradition and culture of his ancestors. Its importance to him demonstrates how much Kino values both his ancestry and the ability to provide for his family.

Did Kino beat his wife?

Kino loses his self-respect as a husband by beating Juana, his integrity as a law-abiding citizen by killing his attacker, his birthright in the form of the destroyed canoe, and his home, burned to the ground by an arsonist.

Why does Kino open the large oyster last?

Why does Kino open the large oyster last? Because he saw glimmer underwater from it and wanted to wait to make sure none of the other oysters had pearls.

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Why did the priest go to Kino’s house?

Wondering if he has married Kino or christened his child, the priest goes to Kino’s house to exert his influence on how the money is spent. He begins by flattering Kino’s namesake.

Who sets Kino’s house on fire?

Who sets Kino’s house on fire? The dark ones.

How does Kino’s neighbors feel?

Back in their brush houses, the neighbors discuss the events. They are divided in their opinions: some feel that Kino is being cheated; some feel that he is going against the system, and some think that he is foolish because fifteen hundred pesos is more money than he has ever had.

Did the doctor make Coyotito sick?

Both Juana and Kino are suspicious of the pill the doctor gave Coyotito, but they do not say it aloud. ‘So the doctor knew,’ Kino said. When the doctor returns, he tells Kino he will try his best to cure him. He provides Coyotito with water tainted with ammonia, which stops Coyotito’s illness.

Why did Juana not pray for Coyotito?

Although Kino kills the scorpion, it stings Coyotito. Juana and Kino, accompanied by their neighbors, go to see the local doctor, who refuses to treat Coyotito because Kino cannot pay enough to sustain the greedy doctor’s lifestyle, and because the doctor holds racist views towards the poor Amerindians.

What did Juana pray for?

Juana prays that Kino can find a pearl so he can pay the doctor to heal Coyotito. Juana is more superstitious than religious, because in chapter 1, she repeated an ancient magic, to protect Coyotito, and in chapter 2, she prayed for Kino to find a pearl to pay the doctor.

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