Your question: Do you log training dives?

If it’s in open water, I log it. If you are in training, you have to meet the agency’s standards to complete training, but the log book is yours, put in it what you want in it.

Do training dives count as logged dives?

Contributor. Yes, all those dives count.

Do I need to log my dives?

Any diver with the ambition to progress as far as they can should always keep a record of their experience in a dive log. … Responsible dive shops will check for the last time you went diving, the number of dives you have completed, and the types of dives you have done before they allow you to get on a boat with them.

How do you log your dives?

How to log recreational dives in the PADI App:

  1. From the PADI App homepage, choose Log.
  2. Select “+” to create a new dive log.
  3. Enter the name of your dive site, and search.
  4. Choose the correct dive site from the list.
  5. Enter the details of your dive for your log.
  6. Click “Next” and that’s it – your log has been entered.
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Why should I log my dives?

A dive log also serves as your own memory, detailing every dive you’ve done, and noting the most spectacular things you’ve seen while diving. You’ll remember when you did your first wreck dive, and when you saw your first manta, right down to the date and time of the dive. … A dive log helps you maintain those memories.

Does PADI track your dives?

The PADI App features built-in support for logging recreational dives on ScubaEarth – and it’s really easy to do! Many divers – students and experienced divers – often don’t realise (or just forget) that they can log their recreational dives in addition to their training dives.

Can you log dives on PADI app?

Don’t forget, there’s also the option to log dives digitally via the PADI App and ScubaEarth. Just download the PADI App and show your student how easy it is to log their PADI Open Water Diver training dives, and recreational dives – straight from their mobile device.

What should be in a dive log?

Information in a log may contain the date, time and location, the profile of the dive, equipment used, air usage, above and below water conditions, including temperature, current, wind and waves, general comments, and verification by the buddy, instructor or supervisor.

What is considered a logged dive?

“Logged” = dive recorded in a written logbook &/or by a dive computer.

What do you write on a dive log?

These are some elements you may want to include to make your dive log work the best for you. At their simplest, your entries should cover the basics of your dive – date, location, maximum depth, average depth, time in and time out, start and end tank pressures, and temperature.

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How long does it take to log 50 dives?

Any idea how long the required Surface Interval is? 15 feet for 20 minutes,couple of minutes SI , could probably do 30 dives in a long day. Less than 2 days for that Master Diver card. So you would complete your rescue diver course, 5 specialty courses and 50 logged dives in 2 days.

Do pool dives count?

NAUI considers it a dive when the depth is greater than 20 ft for a duration of 20 minutes. Most pools do not meet the requirement. If I did that, I would TRIPLE my dive count.