Your question: Has been plain sailing?

What is the meaning of be plain sailing?

The expression is mostly used in informal contexts to mean ‘smooth and easy progress’. When you say that something was plain sailing, you mean things went off without a hitch; there were no problems or obstructions of any kind along the way. ‘Clear sailing’ and ‘smooth sailing’ mean the same thing.

How do you use plain sailing in a sentence?

to be easy and without problems: The roads were busy as we drove out of town, but after that it was plain sailing.

Should plains be sailing?

Progress or advancement that is free from hassle and easy to achieve. If we can just get the application approved, it should be smooth sailing from there.

Has been smooth sailing?

Smooth-sailing definition

It’s all been smooth sailing; everything has gone exactly according to plan. We had some problems at the very beginning, but it’s been smooth sailing since the second week or so. noun. (idiomatic, uncountable) Used to describe having sex without a condom.

What is the term Duck Soup mean?

Definition of duck soup

: something easy to do.

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What is the meaning of the idiom a man of straw?

noun. a person of little substance. Also called: straw man mainly US a person used as a cover for some dubious plan or enterprise; front man. a man who cannot be relied upon to honour his financial commitments, esp because of his limited resources.

What does smooth sailing mean?

Definition of smooth sailing

: easy progress without impediment or difficulty After the mix-up was rectified, it was smooth sailing again.—

What’s another way to say smooth sailing?

What is another word for smooth sailing?

plain sailing easy
effortless painless
simple straightforward
uncomplicated undemanding
elementary routine

What is the sentence of smooth sailing?

to be easy and without problems: Once we got out of rush-hour traffic, it was smooth sailing the rest of the way home.

What is the opposite of smooth sailing?

We have listed all the opposite words for smooth sailing alphabetically. difficulty. adversity. arduousness. awkwardness.