Your question: How long is a typical white water rafting trip?

The average time for this trip is 3 hours. This includes checking in at your trip time, getting gear, the safety briefing, transportation to and from the river, and approximately 1 ½ hours on the water. Upper Ocoee River: This section is known for being the 1996 Olympic site for the kayak competition.

How long is a white water rafting trip?

How long is a white water rafting trip? Rafting trips vary in length from an Express Trip (2-3 hours) to the popular Single Day or full day trip which lasts anywhere from 5 – 7 hours. River Expeditions also offers Multi-Day white water rafting trips operating May through October.

Is white water rafting expensive?

For a single person, full-day and half-day whitewater rafting prices can range from $30 to $350 USD. A full-day typically ranges from $120 to $350 USD for adults and $130 to $200 USD for youth. This may include lunch and optional activities. Half-day costs range from $30 to $100 USD for both adults and youth.

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Is whitewater rafting hard?

While white water rafting is well known for the thrills and adrenaline rushes that it offers, it’s also a great opportunity to bond with friends, get an intense upper body workout and connect with nature. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not necessarily difficult.

What is the best time to go white water rafting?

Plan Your Trip

Anytime during our season! If you’re looking for more adventure try Late May and early June when we typically see our peak water levels. If you’re more interested in enjoying a beautiful day, then you can;t go wrong with a trip in July or August where temos can be in the 80s and 90s.

How long does it take to whitewater raft 5 miles?

It is famous for 5 miles of continuous class III and IV rapids. The Middle Ocoee River has over 20 rapids with Grumpy’s, Double Trouble and Table Saw being a few of them. The average time for this trip is 3 hours.

How many people can white water raft at a time?

Here are several answers to this question regarding various types of inflatable rafts, but the main answer is that inflatable rafts for whitewater rafting can fit 4 – 8 people.

How much do you tip a white water raft?

Tip a white water rafting guide between 5 and 20% of the overall cost of your rafting trip. Between $5 and $20 per person, is usually acceptable.

How much does a Grand Canyon raft trip cost?

Dates & Rates for 2022 Grand Canyon Rafting Oar / Paddle Trips

Length / Trip April Price
8-Day Lower Canyon $3090
9-Day Lower Canyon $3445
13-Day Full Canyon $4505
14-Day Full Canyon $4795
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How much does it cost to go rafting in the Grand Canyon for 1 day?

ONE DAY GRAND CANYON RAFTING FAQ’s. How much does the 1-day Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip cost? The Grand Canyon whitewater rafting price is $432 per person (tax included) in 2022 for those who wish to drive to Peach Springs, Arizona.

What is a Class 5 rapid?

Class V: Extremely difficult, long, and very violent rapids with highly congested routes, which should be scouted from shore. Rescue conditions are difficult, and there is a significant hazard to life in the event of a mishap. The upper limit of what is possible in a commercial raft.

What are Level 4 rapids?

Class IV: Advanced. Intense, powerful but predictable rapids requiring precise boat handling in turbulent water. Depending on the character of the river, it may feature large, unavoidable waves and holes or constricted passages demanding fast maneuvers under pressure.

Are Class 4 rapids difficult?

Class IV – Very Difficult: Long rapids, waves powerful and irregular; dangerous rocks, boiling eddies; powerful and precise maneuvering required.

What state has the best white water rafting?

Top 10 Best Places to Go Whitewater Rafting in the USA

  1. Snake River (Wyoming) Naturally, our number one choice is the Snake River. …
  2. Colorado River (Arizona) …
  3. Gauley River (West Virginia) …
  4. Salmon River (Idaho) …
  5. Kennebec River (Maine) …
  6. Youghiogheny River (Pennsylvania) …
  7. Arkansas River (Colorado and Arkansas) …
  8. Rogue River (Oregon)

Is it better to raft in morning or afternoon?

Morning rafting trips can be cooler but tend to have clearer weather and the river is less crowded than in the afternoon, when it can be warm but windy.

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What do you wear for rafting?

Wear on the River in Warm Conditions:

Quick dry shorts/bathing suit. Synthetic shirt for warmth and sun protection. Sturdy footwear – sandals with straps (no flip-flops), sneakers, wetsuit boots. Hat with brim to protect face from sun.