Your question: What equipment do you need to cave dive?

The material of a dark mask absorbs any light that can seep into the mask and distract the diver from essential spots such as the entrance. Other necessary cave diving gear includes black, light and stiff fins, a dry suit or wetsuit, dive booties, small knives, masks, and flashlights.

How do you prepare for cave diving?

As the name of the PADI Specialty Course suggests, you need to have no fear when cave diving. You will also need to continually engage in training exercises, as practice makes perfect. But just like you need to walk before you run – you have to put in many open water diving hours before even considering cave diving.

How is cave diving done?

The equipment used varies depending on the circumstances, and ranges from breath hold to surface supplied, but almost all cave diving is done using scuba equipment, often in specialised configurations with redundancies such as sidemount or backmounted twinset.

Can you cave dive alone?

There are some divers, including some cave divers, who choose to dive alone. They carry additional redundancies and even more breathing gas with them in case a problem arises. Deacon was not carrying an additional emergency breathing-gas supply. Deacon was also known to take an anti-seizure medication.

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How much does it cost to go cave diving?

Cave, Technical and CCR Training

Course Normal Duration Cost*
Introductory Cave Diver 3 Days $780
Combined Cavern/Intro Cave 5 Days $1300
Full Cave Diver (from Intro) 5 Days $1300
SF2 Air Diluent CCR Diver 7 Days $2100

What is a cave diver called?

It’s called caving, and a person who does it is called a caver. A person who explores underwater caves is, of course, a cave diver.

Who is the best cave diver in the world?

He has been called “one of the world’s most accomplished cave-divers”, “the face of British cave diving,” and “the best cave diver in Europe”.

Rick Stanton.

Rick Stanton MBE GM
Known for Cave diving, cave rescue

Is cave water safe to drink?

Don’t drink cave water. Bring enough water that it will last beyond the estimated length of your expedition. Pack high-energy foods that can survive the tight confines of a cave. Remember to never leave your trash in a cave.

How safe is cave diving?

According to RAID, a top scuba training agency, the number one cause of serious injury or death in cave diving is not gear failure, getting lost, becoming trapped, or running out of air. These are simply consequences of divers exceeding the limits of their personal training and experience.

How deep can you cave dive?

You have a cave ceiling overhead, and you’re lightly exploring the cavern. But you should always be able to see the entrance, and natural light. The National Speleological Society’s Cave Diving Section (NSS-CDS) defines cavern diving as no deeper than 70 feet, and within 130 linear feet of the cave entrance.

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